How Does Your Autoresponder Respond To New Subcribers?

Every smart online entrepreneur knows how important an email list is—it’s the bread and butter of every online business. But are you wondering as to how your Autoresponder respond if someone wants to subscribe to your email list?

Here’s a quick run-down of events if that happens:

  1. Your subscriber enters his email address to the opt-in form
  2. An initial thank you page will be shown asking the subscriber to check his email
  3. The subscriber checks his email and clicks on the confirmation link and he will be shown with a success page with his confirmed subscription
  4. The Autoresponder collects the email behind the scenes and put into an email list
  5. Another email will be sent back to the subscriber containing the download link of a free eBook or whatever ethical bribe or lead magnet or freebie you have​

Simple enough isn’t it? The pages of your eBook website work hand in hand with your Autoresponder like a system that never sleeps to make things easier for you. Cool? But if your imagination went colorful in just a bit, in this post we will be showing you the typical behavior of your eBook website when someone wants to subscribe to your email list.

Ready to test your opt-in form? It’s game time! Watch the video below to see it in action.​

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