Create Your Own 3D EBook Cover for FREE

Yes, whether you like it or not people do judge your eBook by its cover too! So online marketers cannot deny the importance of 3D EBook covers as it's one of the sales tools in order to convey what you have to offer — the message and the images used to attract potential buyers.

If you completely don't know how to do this, the step-by-step video tutorial below will guide you to get into the details of creating and designing your own EBook cover by using existing online websites.

​Here are the links used in this video:

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11 thoughts on “Create Your Own 3D EBook Cover for FREE”

  1. Thank you for sharing this complete and very useful information Sir Angelito.This tutorial help me to save money on creating 3D Ebook cover.Thank you so much Sir.

    • We felt so glad that you’ve learned from the tutorial and Created Your Own 3D eBook Cover.

      If it be not too much, we’ve got a favor to ask and that is to share the tutorial link to others so we can help them as well.

      It would be much appreciated. You have a good day Manchor. Keep it up=)

  2. This is very helpful Angelito especially for not-so-techy people like me. I do am encountering errors in the upload of the ebook cover I have. Could this be because of the internet connection, the file size of the covers I made were 5mb+ and 6.2mb? Are these two heavy?

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