How to Buy and Register a Domain Name with Godaddy

Having a website to establish online presence is very important. It is where you do business from and it basically will serve as a medium for other people to know what you have to offer.

There are actually lots of domain registrars out there that offer reasonable plans with various term lengths and others who ​will surprise you with different upsells if you are not careful on your purchase. Well, there are annoying experiences too that will end you up with a wrong purchase but if you're wise enough to know the trick you will be happily laughing yourself out on one side of the corner. And yes you will by following through with the tips and steps on this blog post. We really did it on purpose to help online entrepreneurs get the most out of their domain purchase.

So are you ready and excited to have your own website? If you answer yes to this question, watch and follow the step-by-step video instruction below ​to buy and register your own domain in a less stressful worry-free way possible.

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About the Author Angelito

Angelito is a web developer, IT technical support and a licensed computer network engineer. He is the founder of Overcome Technicalities, a website created to help struggling online entrepreneurs to build their own websites in selling digital products. When he's not busy doing simplified step-by-step video tutorials on Wordpress, processes, autoresponders, payment systems and plugins, you'll find him discovering a place for the first time.

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